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Attarintiki Daredi movie Dialogue

Attarintiki Daredi movie Dialogue:

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PawanKalyan's New Movie "ATTARINTIKI DAREDI" is doing regular shootings, and the Film is
directed by the great writter Trivikram. The previous movie of this two combination was jalsa  which was a huge hit at the Boxoffice. Once again the team is comming as ATTARINTIKI DAREDI andTrivikram ready to show  his pen power once again with the power star.

pawan kalyan Attarintiki Daredi movie

Coming to Film news for the first time Samantha is pairing up with Power Star Pawan Kalyan,
one latest Buzz, in the Film nager that one dialogue from ‘Attarintiki Daredi’ is leaked Dialogue
and is making rounds in the internet and it is the good news to the fans of pawan kalyan to
be on news with such dialogue.power star has started this Type of Trend with movie Jalsa,

and again it is repeating rigthnow with ATTARINTIKI DAREDI movie.

Attarintiki Daredi movie Dialogue as 

Samantha: Nuvvu chaala selfish gaa alochisthunaav

Pawan Kalyan: "Choodu Janu....manaki selfish gaa alochinchadam school nundi alavatu 
chesaru....Ashokudu road ki eruvaipula chettlu naatinchadu ani chepparu kaani... Madhya lo 
British vallu road vesaru ani ekkadaina cheppara?"

Trivikram's  dialogue was getting a big response.
hope this movie w ill become a good success.
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