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Iddarammayilatho latest movie review

Iddarammayilatho latest movie review

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 Iddarammayilatho movie was developed as a commercial action and romantic movie by the director puri jagannadh under the "Parameshwara Arts" banner with a huge budget by Bandla Ganesh. Iddaramayilatho movie which was released on 31 May'13 with ahuge expectations in the fans and audience.The film is directed by puri jagannadh.

      Comming to the Iddarammayilatho movie details the hero Allu Arjun had made a great effort on the movie arjun emotional feelings, actions shorts and romance with the two heroines was highlites in the movie.amala paul and catherine had played the two female lead roles in the movie Iddarammayilatho.The characters in the movie was done and they were upto the mark,but the film missing the comedy also the director created useless comedy between Ali and Brammi,
but the  storyline in the movie was not strong enough to make the movie Iddarammayilatho bang at the Box Office.

the Actions scenes are superbly done by kecha such scenes  we even cann't find in any Hollywood film.its simply great work done by fight master 'Kecha' and superbly execuited by Bunny.

      Puri jagannadh's taking and technical qualities were excellently presented ,but puri allways belive in storyless movies but it not work for all the time and for all the Heros. Audience come to the theaters with huge expectations in puri 'jagan'nadhs direction still he his giving continuous flops.They are still hoping that he will make a good movie, but puri again Disappointed them.

       Allu Arjun's extraordinary dance ,fights and his performances were wasted. cinematography and production qualities are simply awesome.He shouldn't sign for this movie, after listening to the story Arjun belived in the puri's direction.Iddarammayilathomovie will run, untill any big movie hit the theaters.

        so, Iddarammayilatho movie review rating ---- a Below Avg Movie **
hari krishna Bingi

hari krishna Bingi

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