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RGV's Ice Cream 2 Trailer release date review

Ram Gopal Varma RGV's horoor movie sequel Ice Cream 2 Trailer release date review

RGV's Ice Cream 2 Trailer release date review
RGV's Ice Cream 2 Trailer release date review

RGV upcoming telugu movie Ice Cream 2  release date Nov 21st, review

Latest Upcoming Telugu movie RGV's most awaited telugu movie Ice Cream-2. Ram Gopal Varma the name it self says that he had a different mentality. RGV Ram Gopal varma had a DREAM that his Film should have to afraid entire world. He says that he will shake or make afraid entire world with his horror films, but that dream haven't succeeded. So to fulfill his dream he his making such Ice Cream movies.

RGV Ice Cream -2 Upcoming Telugu movie

A team of eight amateur filmmakers approach the filmmaker -Rated ( Ram Gopal Varma ) to finance their films . However , producer, director , refused to lack of experience , skills and offer to buy their scripts .

The team will give producers , and decided to show their skills on the job by the manufacturer , making short films . In the process , the team selects an abandoned chemical plant on the outskirts of the city . It ' a fire that killed many workers abandoned factory and now is haunted .

The team will start shooting the movie scene , in the process , team members slowly disappear . It proved to be a short film director who was abducted by a group of burglars after robbing a wealthy businessman , to hide in a den for fear that the murderess was known throughout the neighborhood .

Thieves victim and staff suspect one another , while one of the staff members try to avoid lair , only to be killed by an unknown murderess ( It was later found that an unknown murderess with a psychopathic serial killer who becomes mentally unstable after he lost his family ' s fiery crash of a chemical factory abandoned ) . L ' murderess cut for all staff and thieves .

However , only one member of a thief manages to escape the wrath of the psychopath , because the thief killed by a psychopath and burned alive . The film ends when the crew member 's residence thief ' , because he is as erotic as ice cream and gives his cell phone number .

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hari krishna Bingi

hari krishna Bingi

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