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Hansika's Chandrakala Latest Trailer 2014 (Horror Movie)

Watch Hansika's Chandrakala Latest Trailer:

Latest upcoming new Telugu movie for Hansika was the Chandrakala a Horror movie. Its a Tamil dubbed telugu movie releasing in tollywood. This comedy horror movie was directed by sundar. The film casting contains famous heroines in lead roles Hansika, Raai Lakshmi, Andrea, Vimal. 
The horror films theatrical trailer video making hulchal.

Really the chandrakala trailer was simply super. 

Hansika's Chandrakala Latest Trailer 2014 (Horror Movie)
Hansika's Chandrakala Latest Trailer 2014 (Horror Movie)
Chandrakala a Thriller comedy entertainer telugu kannada movie. Since this is the trend, the pain she runs that the latest venture to touch it is to-day Chandrakala screens. The main casting of the movie was Hansika , and of Andrew , this film, directed by Sundar C. Reaiah Laxmi Now, let us see what the situation is .

The Brief Story of Chandrakala

There was of the house of their father and his uncle to sell . As soon as they land there, ladies in the family, Maaya ( Laxmi still poor) , and Madhavi ( Andrea) , testifying to the weird start to belong to them. In order that the time, do not know the counsel of the ungodly , and an house for all the use of a fall ( Hansika ).

Who is this evil spirit ? What is in the court? How to solve all the problems ? This solution is applied to the film on the big screen , you need to look at.

Watch Chandrakala Movie Trailer

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