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Rajni Linga Movie Review | Linga Bang Bang

Rajni Lingaa Movie Review Ratings | Linga Movie Bang Banged the box office

Rajni Linga Movie Review | Linga Bang Bang
Rajni Linga Movie Review | Linga Bang Bang

Rajnikanth lingaa movie complete review about movie success
Superstar Rajni Lingaa Movie Review ratings based on special show. The movie was upto the mark but not having too much expectations one time watchable movie without any doubts. The movie linga indirectly says that sir, Rajni will sure enter into political. The lingaa movie review, Some dialogues in movies specially says about his political entry.

Lingaa Movie Review:

Super star Rajni in lingaa movie enter's with a solo outstanding song.

Basically he his a theif in linga movie from a royal family.

Rajni showed his performance in lingaa especially dialouge delivery and dances and sets was simply super.

Rajni Lingaa Review Movie Story:

I dont want to say the story just giving a hint about the linga movie in this review.

But one thing Sir, rajni had celebrated his Birth Day in Lingaa movie Grandly in mysore maha raja palace with name maha raja Lingeshwara.

The story was mostly about dam how he built with the help of villagers. The two heroines were performed best.

Train Fight was simply super first half of the linga movie was good but it lacks the second session.

Rajni Lingaa movie Review

hari krishna Bingi

hari krishna Bingi

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