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11 - Reasons to Watch Jr NTR Temper Movie

Temper Telugu movie

11 - Reasons to Watch Temper Telugu Movie

Reasons for accepting Jr NTR Temper Movie a Blockbuster or Super hit or Hit.

Reasons to Watch Jr NTR Temper Movie
 Reasons to Watch Jr NTR Temper Movie why ?
Hyderabad : 15/02/2015
 Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao Short - Jr.Ntr

Jr NTR Recently Struggling for one good hit movie. His last Telugu movie which was a blockbuster at Box-Office was Brindavanam

After that he showed his performance oriented movies but failed to get a at-least. For every Movie he listed one word Failure this word had become is Friend.

He Failed at Box-Office while all the other hero's are doing well. Eventhough he is a great Actor he can do any type of movie, But failure loves him. A routine Story line actions scenes, over mass elements are responsible for his failure.

The Time had came to Jr NTR in the Form of Temper Movie. Recently Released Temper Movie proves that the Stamina of Jr NTR at Box Office. Jr NTR tasted the success taste which waits him for 4years.  

The Man behind the screen was directer puri jaannadh. who had given NTR a best worst flop Andhrawala in his career. That person that man had given him the best blockbuster film in his career.

The other man is Vakkantham vamsi Story writer, this person had given Jr NTR many stories in flash back. But this time a fully loaded gun with perfect target, Temper Gun pointed and Fired to the Target Success the result is Blockbuster.

And Finally here I'm Going to Give Reasons for Why Temper ?

1 -  Its a rare combo puri jagannadh doing film with Jr NTR. After 11year both were teamed up. Puri had given him a big disaster in his career with Andhrawala. Eventhough both were doing film its a crazy thing.

2 - Here is the most interesting one news is Puri jagannadh is somewhat different character. He don't believe any body. He all ways do directer films on his own story line whatever the story he only writes and develops the script. But for the first time in his film career puri jagannadh had taken others vakkantham vamsi story.

Reason behind the Screen Temper success


3 - Music by Anoop rubens current generation music directer given awesome music and the songs in the movie was simply superb. Backgroud score by great music directer mani sharma garu he had done really a great work by giving mani sharma. Background score helped the movie more at most of the scenes where emotional is required.

Temper Audio NTR and Other Talks


4 - In Audio Function everyone had talked more about the movie. one thing they never said its a Blockbuster they said only one thing the movie was superb it will not disappoint you like previous. Finally NTR had said one word " Rasi Pettukondi idi Nandamuri Naama Samwathsaram ".

Dialogues one reason for Temper Success


5 - Coming into cinema Jr NTR Intro was soo simple with background words.

        " Jeevitham Evvadni Vadilipettadhu,
                Andhri Saradha Thirchestadi
                    Naakkuda Theripoindhi AinaMarathanani guarantee Ledhooo ".

Tarak's young Energy performance one main Reason

6 - Jr NTR Showed his full performance, energy as a Corrupted, Cunning, Criminal Police. He founds a new way of corruption in the movie to make money. His role in the movie was fully money mined. A Different COP Character.

Puri Showed NTR in Different Look plus points 


7 - Puri Showed NTR in Different Look. He is not our NTR in the Film he looks different. For his Six pack Abs and for his Looks Temper was most watchable.

8 - Coming to Main asset in Jr NTR is Acting. For his Dialogues, Performance, Slang, Looks, Action 100/100 marks. He finds new way in delivering the Dialogues in Temper.

Songs Kajal Glamour an added advantage


9 - The most interesting Part in Most Telugu movies was Songs. picturisation of songs was simply superb repeated times watchable songs in Temper.

Posani Krishna Murali Asset action asset for Temper success


10 -  Most int resting and emotions scenes and dialogues which were taken Between Jr NTR and Posani Krishna Murali. Most inspiration acting by Jr NTR and Posani. Really superb.

Most Beautiful Dialogues and Court Climax scenes 


11 - This is not the last thing more beautiful scenes and dialogues were there in temper all will not be discussed here right.

and finally Last thing Court scene was mesmerising performance by Jr NTR, with this court scene he stated whole world that he is that kind of Actor. There is no words to explain the action done by NTR. He is Legend in acting.

While watching the movie only NTR action ill be remembered by the audience we all forget about the characters in the movie.

After coming from the theater we all remember the Climax Scenes. Later we came to Know what about Prakash Raj.

It May be in Temper - 2.

Wait For Temper - 2.

This is year Really A Nandamuri Namasamvastharam.

Dayagadi Dandayatra Started on Box-Office.

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