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AP Film Chamber Name Changed

 State bifurcation affected Telugu film chamber

Telugu film chamber
Telugu film chamber

HYDERABAD: Post-bifurcation, the Telugu film industry is facing an identity crisis about its place in the two states and confusion over his name. To overcome this problem, the AP Film Chamber of Commerce was renamed the Telugu film Chamber of Commerce. A general meeting body of the film chamber held last month adopted a resolution on the change of name.

This name change will facilitate the film body to address the issues related to the film industry both with governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The most important questions relate to the tax on entertainment, and SOPs for the film industry.

With the Telugu movie industry is concentrated in Hyderabad, there is no willingness on the part of producers, actors and other film artists to move to Andhra Pradesh. However, shooting films and more AP sites has already begun as movies need to garner revenues in both the AP and Telangana.

According to sources from the film industry, the movie of Appeal also decided in favor of a two-year term for his body. From now on, elections to the film chamber are held annually. The post of president is reserved, on a rotating basis, each year one member of four sectors - producers, distributors, exhibitors and studio owners. "It has been estimated that a period of only one year was too short a time to launch major programs and supplement, or take the problems to continue until they get results. A mandate two years will give enough time for the office- bearers to work better, "said a source from the film industry. According to sources, the elections to the film chamber are likely to take place in July this year.

hari krishna Bingi

hari krishna Bingi

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