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Police Caught B.Tech Graduates In Brothal House

 Joblessness Made B.Tech Graduates to Look Wrong Side

Police Caught B.Tech Graduates In Brothal House
Police Caught B.Tech Graduates

HYDERABAD New Today: On Tuesday, when police raided a house on the outskirts of the city, the customer turned out to be an associate professor in mathematics from the Osmania University. If that were not enough shocking, horrified police officers found that the victim was a 23-year-old B Tech graduate! And the brothel was run by a woman teacher.

Once the cops started talking to the victim, a sorry and sordid tale of financial distress, unemployment and family problems have emerged. Police also confirmed that the victim, who graduated B.Tech of the city, had repeatedly failed to get a regular job.

Although it appears as a single incident, police believe it is the result of a deeper malaise of a business network organized flesh.

"Most often, these girls are led into a trap. Under the pretext of a job or an online friendship with a stranger, the young gullible girls are trapped, and then they find it difficult to escape, "said additional commissioner (crime), Hyderabad, Swati Lakra.

"It is a personal choice that some women do. Maybe because of the lure of quick money and also to maintain a certain kind of lifestyle. There are times when the peer group influences them too, "she added.

Sounding a note of caution, R Rajeswari Rema, Deputy Police Commissioner, Malkajgiri, said: "A better parental supervision of children is necessary more than ever that the scope of technology in every household via social media platforms and mobile phone applications has changed the family's equations. "

"The victims are always forced into the trade because of financial difficulties. Money is a major attraction, but in all cases, women are trapped, "she said, adding," In many trafficking cases, a close family member is involved."

Echoing similar views, militant anti-trafficking Sunitha Krishnan, added: "With consumerism, technology and glamor sensational etc., the economic divide has disappeared. Each community is as vulnerable and there are a growing number of scholars and educated s*x crime victims, for example; The MBAs and intermediate students."

Ninety percent of s*x workers are put on the market with force and the primary mandate of the authorities should be to fight against crime, it alleges not being done, she said. "No girl, we saved, we never said that she did not resist," she said.

What is worrying for it is the nature of organized crime. "It is visible when rescuing a victim. And, efforts, directly and indirectly, to recover the victim by traffickers and the amounts of money that goes into the same is incredible," she lamented.

hari krishna Bingi

hari krishna Bingi

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