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SS RajaMouli Says Love's to Make Hindi Movies

SS RajaMouli About Baahubali Hindi Movie

SS RajaMouli Says Love's to Make Hindi Movies
SS Rajamouli

SS RajaMouli Baahubali Hindi Movie:  The career of the SS Rajamouli, the big surprise is not that the latest film from director Telugu, Hindi Baahubali is doubled and supported by such heavy Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar and distributor Anil Thadani. The big surprise is that it took this long to get out Rajamouli his backyard.

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"I'd love to make films in Hindi while I'll have a wider audience, which is what every storyteller wants, but I have commitments in the south," said Rajamouli. Baahubali always be a Hindi version, he said. "Thank Makkhi, I got one foot in the [Hindi] industry," he said. "Because of the magnitude and the universal appeal of the story, we knew it would Baahubali atmosphere with a public all-India."

How do compare with Baahubali & Magadheera, which featured lavish sets, outdoor locations and the extensive use of computer-generated effects? "There's no comparison," said Rajamouli - Baahubali much larger scale. "We started with a movie, but as the story developed, we knew we could not do any justice with only one party," he said.

SS RajaMouli as Director for Baahubali

Baahubali was co-written by his regular collaborator Rajamouli writer-father, KV Vijayendra Prasad. The partnership starts from the scene of the history and development itself, Rajamouli said, and he is not without its share of drama. "We have a lot of fights," joked the director. "It will give me a plot or a character that is very inspiring and moving, and from there, I try to understand what life should have character, its pre-history."

Prasad Rajamouli gave his first lessons in the world of cinema and life itself. The director grew up in a family full of uncles and cousins ​​joined. "My grandfather was a wealthy landowner, but his son has invested in films and lost a lot of money," said the filmmaker. As Prasad continued his career screenwriting, his son spent his adolescence in a whirlwind of confusion. 

"I'm a crazy movie, but I did not know what to do with my life," Rajamouli said. "I had dropped out of college, and I told my dad that I would become a guitarist. I even joined a guitar. The class of my father asked, how many hours do you practice every day? I said, three. He said, to become a good guitar player, you have to practice ten hours. "

The son shared with his father a passion for the stories and the many ways they could be told. "I read a lot, novels, books, comics," said Rajamouli. "When my father became successful as a writer, he used to tell stories and suggest improvements and alternative scenes. He told me that I could work with him as an assistant, and I finally ended up helping me K Raghavendra Rao on a soap opera. "

Rao is a user-friendly filmmakers office of the most prolific cinema box and Telugu. He reigned briefly Hindi cinema in the 1980s with remakes of his hits Telugu, many of them featuring Jeetendra and Sridevi. "My main goal while working on television was to get the approval of Mr. Rao," says Rajamouli. "During my days of television, I did not have much of an idea of ​​what I did. The good thing is that I'm a hard worker, and I earned the nickname devil work. "(Rao, the -his brother, Shobu Yarlagadda, produced by his company Baahubali Arka Media Works.)

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