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KICK-2 Telugu movie Review Double KICKed Fans

KICK-2 Telugu movie Review Ratings Double KICK for Fans

KICK2 a Dual Role by RaviTeja. So, Its a Double Kick for Fans. Rakhul Preet Singh LipLock Freezes the Audiences its a Double Kick. The Movie KICK2 Review is a Full of Entertainment and comedy senti, full of emotions  carried by Whole Team specially Raviteja and Rakhul and Brahmmi.

A Double For Audience KICK2 review
KICK2@ Double Kick

KICK2 Casting Review:

Directed by- Surender Reddy
    Produced by- Nandamuri Kalyan Ram
Written by- Vakkantham Vamsi
    Starring -Ravi Teja, Rakul Preet Singh, Ravi Kishan, Brahmanandam
    Music by- S.S. Thaman
    Cinematography- Manoj Paramahamsa
    Edited by- Gautham Raju
    Production company:-N.T.R. Arts

    Distributed by Classics Entertainments (overseas)

    Release dates- 21 August 2015
    Running time -170 minutes
    Language -Telugu
    Budget -30 crore 

Review Double For Audience KICK-2.?

Review : Kick 2 is concerned with the Robin Hood (Ravi Teja), who is the son of Kick (Kalyan Krishna-Ravi Teja). In Kick Telugu Movie RaviTeja always find kick in what he does, he stumbleth, kick out the lime. Where as KICK 1 Son Called as KICK 2 Comfort. The Story is all about his Comfort and is referred to the son of consolation and always enforced. How difficult it is paid to him, and does not suggest to us as to them in the power of Eros, and a hilarious.

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Rakhul LipLock in KICK2 Review

The Comedy Tracks in Between Brahmanandam's & Ravi Teja's timing in this second installment. Raviteja said in an interview that the audience will have double kick in this movie. Rakhul Preet is pairing up with Ravi Teja' for the first time and the chemistry between two was extra ordinary Because a Lip-Lock in Movie Freezes the Audiences.

KICK Ends KICK2 Starts

Review : After completion of Kick, Kick 2 starts. Robin Hood (Ravi Teja) is the son of the other Ravi Teja and Kalyan Saina (Ileana). Now to do away Ravi Teja in this blood all nations of the vessels of it, "kick" in the second all the vessels thereof, Ga'Hoole "comfort". All we can say in one line of the character, if it lacks the comfort of the opposite party or if the cause of this hell, Who will shew discomfort.

Below link about GabbarSing as Saddar :-

A New KICK in Pawan Fans GUTS GUNS and LOVE

Even so, against all the wild beasts, and what is to the advantage of customers is the quality of the rest of Ga'Hoole. You need to keep it a great game. Happy weekend.

Ratings - 2.75/5

stars -
"KICK2 Double Kicked the Fans and Audiences"

A one Time Watchable and Good Movie to get Entertainment. Watch only in Theaters.

hari krishna Bingi

hari krishna Bingi

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