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An Appeal to Fans Not to Share Pics in Social Media

RajniKanth New Movie Kabali

On each TV channel, in numerous daily papers and sites, the most shared pictures nowadays are the snaps of Superstar Rajnikanth from his "Kabali" shooting spot. Think about what Rajni's girl needs to say in regards to this. Shruti Haasan was Becoming his Wife

All the media houses are caught up with showcasing those photos of Rajni wearing a suit, showcasing his charms in a white facial hair and hairdo, at the shooting spot of Kabali in Malyasia. Thus, Rajni's girl Aishwarya R Danush made an engage fans to not share any photos of their demi-god online however they would have tapped on versatile. She asked for them to erase each one of those photos on informal communities.

During a period when energy is high, will fans tune in?
hari krishna Bingi

hari krishna Bingi

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