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Baahubali Director Next Project Mahabharat?

Director Tested Himself with BlockBuster?

Baahubali Director Next Project Mahabharat?
SS Rajamouli

A Brave Director SS Rajamouli Palnning to Do Indian Epic Most powerfulll movie called Mahabharat.

Why did star director Rajamouli has graven out "Baahubali" within the 1st place? Our Jakkanna may not offer any account this, however his father, writer-director VV Vijayendra Prasad is responsive this out. Also Read:Varun Tej Touches the Hearts of US People

"I am happy that my son has become far-famed, on the opposite hand what additionally makes ME happy is that a fine looking motion-picture show has crossed the boundary of language. That a Telugu motion-picture show dubbed in Hindi has crossed one hundred crores and now could be attending to create records in alternative foreign languages also", says Vijayendra Prasad. Also Read : Kanche Actress Comments on Super Star Mahesh babu

Mahabharat A dream Project Says Rajamouli

Sharing thoughts regarding Rajamouli's mind before creating Baahubali, his father revealed— "My son whereas creating Baahubali once asked ME, 'You grasp why i'm creating this movie?' I asked him, 'Why?' and he aforementioned, 'My life's ambition is to form Mahabharat. this can be a precursor. I needed to check myself. If i'm self-made at this, i will be able to create Mahabharat".

So, prepare for Rajamouli's Mahabharat once he makes Baahubali a pair of.

hari krishna Bingi

hari krishna Bingi

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