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Jr NTR as veerabhimanya in Gunasekhar new Project

Jr NTR as Abhimanyudu role in Mahabharata

Jr NTR as veerabhimanya in Gunasekhar new Project
Jr NTR and Gunasekhar
A Famous Director for Great Sets is Gunasekhar Doing Film With Jr NTR and its Epic Historic Movie in Tollywood.

Hyderabad: Gunasekhar director Introduced Epic Movie 'child Ramayana', the film had been introduced by the NTR to the Silver Screen as a child actor. Historical nearing an important role in the film he is Gunasekhar fresh Role that information to attempt to make a choice.  Also Read: Ram Charan Trivikram A brand new movie

Soon gunasekhar Latest crucial project Mahabharata 'Abhimanyu' role in the selection of the Role that talks. Recently gunasekhar 'virabhimanyu' in the title of the film seems to be giving the register of the chamber. Gunasekhar making a heroic fight of the Mahabharata as lead by abhimanyudu in the film is Jr NTR. Gunasekhar has a strong desire that Jr.NTR can do justice for the Abhimanyu role. May Read: Baahubali Director Next Project Mahabharat?

 So he is trying to convince NTR. In fact, been gunasekhar's Trending movie 'rudramadevi' in that gonagannareddi role in the film is firstly sugested to NTR But, Later for many reasons, the role was finally Done by Allu Arjun.

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