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Kona Venkat : Pawan Kalyan is my God

Power Star is my Soulmate Says Great Writer

Kona Venkat : Pawan Kalyan is my God
Power Star Pawan Kalyan Kona Venkat

Kona Venkat one of the Famous Story Writers in Tollywood. He Recently Said that Power Star Pawan Kalyan is his Heart few years ago. The Star Writer never ever misses any opportunity which he can and he would do, that permits him to heap praise on Powerstar and this repeated on a significant number of events. Also Read : 

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Kona Venkat transparently declared Pawan Kalyan is his perfect partner couple of years back. The Star Writer never squanders any open door that allows him to stack acclaim on Powerstar and this rehashed on a significant number of events.

Amid the pre-discharge meetings of 'Shankarabharanam', Kona Venkat went ahead to portray Pawan Kalyan as god. All things considered, Mega Fans would love to hear these sort of articulations as they treat the Jana Sena Chief the same way.

 In any case, Whether Kona's announcement was straight from his heart or out of appreciation for propelling the first look publication and teaser of the motion picture or an exposure contrivance is to be seen!

Nobody would question the kinship between Pawan Kalyan and Kona Venkat. Pawan even consented to sign a venture which would be created by Kona Venkat and the main condition forced is not to rope a Director who charges around Rs 10 crore as compensation for the task. We should wish the task emerges soon.

hari krishna Bingi

hari krishna Bingi

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