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NBK Dictator : Balayya Fans a Big Rally to AP Capital

 NBK BalaKrishna Fans A Big Bicyle Rally to Amaravati

Tomorrow Balayya fans are going to sort out an immense bicycle rally from Sattenpalli parkway to the towns of Amravati and Dharanikota. One miracles what are these revitalizes for and what is the objective of Nandamuri fans in these pre-sound occasions for "Tyrant" music dispatch that will occur on December 20th at Andhra Pradesh's new capital.

Dictator Audio Launch in AP Capital Amaravati

NBK Dictator : Balayya Fans a Big Rally to AP Capital
Balayya Dictator
Fans affiliation pioneers are clearing air that this sound dispatch is not a show of quality from Balayya fans. "We need to make the world see at Amravati such this new city will create as future capital of silver screen. Above all else, silver screen industry in Hyderabad ought to take a gander at Amravati and feel kick about it", says fan pioneers. It is heard that they are making a wide range of courses of action like sustenance, water and sanitation offices for fans why should going elegance the sound dispatch.

Meanwhile, AP Police are giving a thick security spread to the occasion such that there won't be risk for any untoward episode. From stage setup to fan section focuses, Police will be assuming responsibility in dealing with the entire occasion, says a source. Sit tight for December 20th.
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