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Once Again Centre Given Had to Telangana

Once Again Center Given Had to Telangana

Once Again Centre Given Had to Telangana
Telangana to Central Govt Of India

Hyderabad News :
As a forward movement by the Centre , the Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan reported Rs 100 crores asset for Telangana state in the midst of this time of the dry season in some mandals to address the problems of the population

Tendency to the media , he said that Center chose to send a group to Telangana drought conditions specific surveillance Dry mandals point by point and a report to the Centre in respect of the same. In light of the need for the guide can be moved , the minister said Union.

Prior Telangana senior pioneers met Radha Mohan and spoke about this issue. The pioneers satisfied the Center for an asset of Rs 2514 crores to the circumstances of the dry season . Nonetheless , the Centre is explained only Rs 100 crores which is a remarkable achievement by the state government . This is currently set one back to the legislature when it could not get the expected amount.


hari krishna Bingi

hari krishna Bingi

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