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Never Ever Seen Scene Nandamuri Hero's Fans on Full Josh

Nandamuri Natasimha and YuvaSimha in Sankranthi Battle.

Hyderabad Film News:  Never Ever Repeated Scene of Nandamuri Family Hero's. It is for good or for bad both the actor are arriving on this Sankranti, its a big news for Nandamuri Fans Full Josh.
Never Ever Seen Scene Nandamuri Hero's Fans on Full Josh
Never Ever Seen Scene Nandamuri Hero's Fans on Full Josh

A year ago, it creates the impression that all was well between the Nandamuri Family Heors. At the season of Temper sound capacity, Jr NTR gladly declared that 2015 will be 'Nandamuri Nama Samvatsaram'".

Babai Abbai Bala Krishna Jr NTR to Face the Festive Season of Sankranthi

However, this year is by all accounts isolating Nandamuri as an immediate battle in the middle of Babai and Abbayi will be seen in the cinematic world.

Who will Taste the Flavor of Sankranti yet ot see?

The buzz in the film Nagar circles is that a war is on between Jr NTR and Balayya and both are not leaving any chance to counter one another in the cinematic world.

Jr NTR NannakuPrematho NBK Dictator

Jr NTR's imminent flick 'Nannaku Prematho' guided by Sukumar is good to go to hit theaters on Jan 13th around the world, Balakrishna's 99th motion picture Dictator is slated to be discharged on January 14th.

With only a day's crevice between the two discharges, it will be seen as a straight battle between these Nandamuri saints. A Day Difference B/W Both films to flash on jan festive season.

Sankranti a Senti Month for Both BalaKrishna and Jr ntr

On the off chance that both the movies are pronounced hit in the cinema world or any one film bombs in the cinema world in either case, the makers of the two motion pictures would lose big time because of the absence of theaters. In the event that a film gets negative talk, the group of onlookers will move to different motion pictures the same number of movies are discharging.

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