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Public Talk Review on Kalavathi Telugu movie Ratings

Public Talk Review :Tollywood Telugu Movie Kalavathi Lead Role by Trisha and Hansika

Kalavthi Movie review : Horror movies are larger public reaction these days. It is clear from the success of films like "Premakada Chitram" last "Raaj Gari kadhi level". Chandrakala horror film, released last year, was also achieved good success at the box office. Freshly movie "Kalavathi" which was made as a result of Chandrakala cinemas today. Kalavathi is a horror comedy with Siddharth, Trisha, Poonam Bajwa and Hansika in the lead roles. It is written and directed by Sundar C .. Let's see how this movie frightened the public this time. Public Talk Review on Kalavathi Telugu movie Rating 

Kalavathi Movie Story Line Review : 

kalavathi Telugu movie review Rating and public talk
kalavathi movie review

Kalavthi Story line Review : Murali (Siddharth) and Anita (Trisha) gets in a shot and go on a trip abroad to find. On the other hand, the father Murali (Radha Ravi) wants to renovate the old village temple and perform Kumbabhishekam goddess, to eliminate the evils of the village. Begins to prepare for the restoration of the temple. Suddenly, an evil spirit between villas and tries to kill his father Murali. But it goes into a coma after an incident. Knowing this, Anitha Murali and reach India. They take the assistance of his brother Anitha (Sundar C) after he learned of the presence of an evil spirit in the castle. He comes to know that the spirit of evil is Kalavathi. Meanwhile, Anitha gets possessed by the spirit of evil. Who is Kalavathi? Anitha how to get rid of the evil spirit? What is the secret behind these incidents? All these forms rest of the story.

Kalavathi Movie Positives Ratings and Reviews

Trisha’s glamor
Sundar’s performance
Horror scenes in parts

Kalavathi Movie Ratings and Reviews Negatives Points 

Routine Story

Telugu Movie Kalavathi Star Casting

Kalavathi Movie review : Although there are four stars - #Siddharth, Trisha, Hansika, Poonam Bajwa, none of them were able to perform up to the mark. Siddharth does not have much scope to act in the film. It can hardly be regarded as no more than 20 minutes in the whole organization. Coming into the role of Trisha put great emphasis on glamorous than her talent as an actress in the film. Unlike his previous films, it is overexposed, especially in the first song appear in a bikini.

#Kalavathi film Ratings : Hansika, who shocked audiences in the film Chandrakala failed to repeat the same thing this time. All events, such as pregnancy, she married a man of low caste and die at the hands of his father, somewhat artificial and ridiculous. Sundar C. up to the expectations of the public and well done. His gestures, especially in turns to find an evil spirit, they are very impressive. Though Poonam Bajwa suited for the role of nurses, his role was wasted in several scenes in the film. Kovai Sarala same comedy did not work well.

Review : Technical Team work of Trisha Hansika Siddarth Kalavathi Movie

Review on Techinal : The camera work by Senthil Kumar U. K. is not up to the mark. He could not make the necessary pace needed for a horror movie. Even the music is not suitable because it failed to obtain a necessary and important nodes. The film would have been much better if a lot of attention was given to the visual and technical rather than a goddess statue and orchards.

Finalyzation on Kalavathi Movie : A Brief Review and Final Rating

Final Verdict on Kalavthi Movie : Lawmakers did Kalavathi film, while making some changes in the film prequel Chandrakala not new in history. There is a haunting aspect to this film as Chandrakala, except for a few scenes in the first half. While it is offered for horror, not with the exception of interesting elements boring songs and forced comedy. However, Trisha increased its glamor quotient in the film. His scenes bikini and wet saree economy can be a time of joy for youth. Anyone who has ever watched Chandrakala can not enjoy this movie. Otherwise, you can watch if you like horror stories.

Kalavathi Movie Ratings and Reviews based on public talk : 2.5/5

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