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Surprise - valentine's day gifts to boy friend or girl friend

Best Surprise gift to Boy Friend or Girl friend

You can get your partner a couple ring with both your names engraved on it. Or something like a keychain that you both can have which can let your partner been constantly reminded of you.

the weather is right, have a picnic under the stars and tell her cute stuff all night and be really romantic.

A Priceless Surprise valentine day gift to your lover girl friend wife

well, get him/her lol a box of chocolate, classic. u could take them to a dinner, maybe a movie,or u could cook at home and snuggle up on the coach wit a good movie. (DON'T FORGET TO SAY,"I ♥U!")

A Wonder full Surprise Valentine gift to your Boy friend

A Wonder full Surprise Valentine gift to your Boy friend
A Wonder full Surprise Valentine gift to your Boy friend

Fill his/ her whole bedroom closet, garage, coat closet, car, drawer, bathroom cabinet, linen closet, etc. with balloons.
Candle light dinner in a nice posh restaurant, dress elegant. Roses, chocolates as a gift too.

Dont wanna be rude but how about you cover your bed with rose petals, and wear something smashing. and rent a movie perhaps. And do what pleases your partner.

you could pretend that valentines isnt big deal and you are not going to do anything. And voila surprise

a heart shaped hand written,hand made card. the only thing is the text was copied so that kind of dulled the mood. good though. i'd like a teddy too

Valentine day messages for your loved ones

A surprise valentine day gift to your loved girl friend or wife

a romantic dinner on the beach

A heartshaped necklace that he went and picked out himself. It wasnt so much that I love the necklace... as it was the fact that he picked it on his own!

hari krishna Bingi

hari krishna Bingi

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