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oopiri review rating story line | Best in Nag and karthi

Nag and Karthi oopiri Telugu movie review ratings

The Telugu – Tamil bilingual movie “oopiri” starring Akkineni Nagarjuna, Karthi and Tamanna in the lead roles has released globally on march 25th. The movie that's directed by using vamshi paidipalli and produced by potluri vara prasad has generated huge craze most of the target market. Shall we see, whether the movie has reached the expectancies of the audience or not……!!

Oopri movie Story line

oopiri review rating story line. Tamil bilingual movie “oopiri” starring Akkineni Nagarjuna, Karthi and Tamanna in the lead roles has released globally on march 25th

The dad and mom of srinu (Karthi) die in a twist of fate in the course of his formative years. His aunt (jayasudha) who already has two children takes care of srinu and grows him up. For you to assist her aunt, srinu starts doing minor thefts. However sadly, he receives caught with the aid of the police in the future. Knowing this, his aunt turns into irritated on him.

Oopiri movie review

On the other hand, Vikramaditya (Nagarjuna) is a huge businessman. He likes artwork plenty. He buys proper paintings with a lot of cash and makes a set. However, due to an accident which took place 5 years ago, he gets completely paralyzed and confines himself to a wheelchair. He asks his secretary (Tamanna) to pick someone to take care of him.

Tamanna selects srinu (Karthi) as his assistant. Someday, Vikramaditya suddenly falls ill. Srinu joins him inside the sanatorium. The health practitioner tells srinu a trouble about Vikramaditya. So, srinu consults vikram’s attorney and buddy prasad (Prakash raj) to recognize the actual factor at the back of this. Then prasad tells a flashback to srinu. What is that flash again ? What srinu will do after knowing the flashback ? Paperwork the relaxation of the story.

Especially, Nagarjuna has achieved full justice to his role. He mesmerized the target market along with his fantastic overall performance as a wheelchair sure paraplegic and made an affect that no other actor may be suitable for this position. Karthi additionally accomplished very well in his position of srinu. He made excellent comedy and also attracted with suitable emotions and sentiments whenever required.

Heroine Tamanna does not have lots scope to carry out inside the film. Prakash raj has given a very good overall performance as a lawyer and Nagarjuna's friend. Specifically, the comedy among Prakash raj and Karthi may be enjoyed with the aid of the audience. The special appearance of Anushka, Shriya and adivi sesh is a deal with for the target audience to watch them on the display screen.

Final review of oopiri movie

Tollywood Telugu movie Oopiri is one of the best movie in Nagarjuna's movies. By this way, Nagarjuna has created a hat-trick with Oopiri as followed by Manam and Soggade Chinni Nayana. Karthi a Tamil superstar had made his first straight Telugu film. 

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