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Sushant Singh Rajput M.S Dhoni - Untold Story Film Teaser is out

Mahender Singh Dhoni  a Ticket Collector in South Eastern Railway

Sushant Singh Rajput M.S Dhoni - Untold Story Film Teaser is out: 
Mahender Singh Dhoni alone brought out the helicopter attempt if India a lot of bare it -- and so it isn't what you're traveling to see in the awful arresting brain-teaser for Neeraj Pandey's MS Dhoni.

Instead, what we do see, is Sushant Singh Rajput alive as a TC - Ticket Collector on the South Eastern railway.

Mahender Singh Dhoni Movie Teaser Released

He's accustomed his starting orders and the man aboveboard accomplish to it, authoritative his way amidst a sea of humans on a awash station.

This, let's be honest, is a bit of a surprise.

One accepted added of the fanfare, added of the (many) Dhoni moments that are already anointed in the aggregate imagination.

And yet this alpha -- giving us a glimpse of the bashful ancestry we accept alone heard and apprehend about, never apparent -- is a lot added intriguing.

Teaser of Mahender Singh M.S Dhoni bollywood movie

The brain-teaser ends with the articulation of an agitated analyst traveling on about the already iconic cricketer at his complete peak, but for now we accept no beheld of Rajput in cricketing accessory to accompany that.

It's acceptable to see a aseptic access taken by this blur (at atomic in the aperture overs) and Rajput looks abundant in character, thoughtful, aciculate and focused even in this teensy glimpse.

As for that helicopter shot, like with all things legendary, we have to delay for it.

MS Dhoni The Untold Story hits theaters on September 2, 2016.

Watch Mahender Singh Dhoni Teaser on Youtube M.S Dhoni Bollywood movie video

hari krishna Bingi

hari krishna Bingi

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