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[Idhu Namma Aalu review] Simbu Nayantara Movie ratings Fun Romantic Tamil Movie

Simbu-Nayantara New Love Romantic Fun comedy Movie IDHU NAMMA AALU

Simbu Nayantara Team-up after a long time with Idhu namma aalu review ratings fun comedy 
STR Nayantara Fun comedy Idhu Namma Aalu Movie Review Ratings
STR Nayantara Fun comedy Idhu Namma Aalu Movie Review Ratings

Simbu and Nayanthara meet a movie after about 10 years ago sparked a lot of eyebrows. The couple has been seen together in 2006 thriller Vallavan.

Their latest offering Idhu Namma Aalu have fun delivered comedy movie directed by a national award winning filmmaker Pandiraj.

The film, which was buried in the dispute finally fired this weekend following the postponement of the eternal.

Indhu Namma Aalu Movie Review Ratings

Idhu Namma Aalu imprints Simbu brother Kuralarasan presentation, the author of the music, but the manufacturer of your father T Rajendar.

Even assuming a critical part of the beautiful Andrea Jeremiah affirmed the drama on screen characters and Jayaprakash Soori.

Simbu various real relationship, including their past with a sentimental Nayanthara, a regular information and this film is an attempt to explain his side of the story.

Idhu Namma Aalu opens amusingness full story depicting the life of IT proficient comic drama played on the screen character, Arjuna, which determines the proper state of mind gay performer.

We are familiar with Siva (Simbu), a group manager and his bicycle-cum-companion, Vasu (Thrush).

Siva restricts his father (Jayaprakash) recognize the lady in the viewing feature. Despite the fact that the bulk is started, it becomes blinded by Myla (Nayanthara), at first glance to be a lady-and quickly consent to the marriage.

Simbu Nayantara Idhu Namma Aalu Movie Review Ratings Comedy Film

Let Myla is not so eager to inquiries and his relationship with Priya (Andrea Jeremiah), who incidentally has reached its companion. Simbu is telling the truth and reveal the purpose of his relationship with the back of separation due to the diversification of Myla. A pair of preparing for marriage.

Three months to go to the wedding, the romance begins long lovey dovey incessant phone calls and guarantees endless admiration.

Things must be that it could be a lot of great works as an analyst Vasu Myla uncover the past, while Myla makes itself particularly discreet Siva wants to experiment with real emotions.

Will they or will not they believe the other end of each enough to get hitched frames whatever the story.

Chief Pandiraj, who is known for his sharp script and drawing, are totally on your part. Thrush appears in an amusing take exceptional pleasure Simbu putting the patch on his numerous bilateral discourse connotation that shows all your relationships fizzled.

Even a small Nayanthara not be saved.

Simbu, his regular simple style, trying to be forthright in its witty and mocking rebounds. In any case Soori who shows his abruptness.

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Except for two or three songs, the music is normal.

The story moves purposeful pace, especially in the second half to get numb with Simbu and Nayanthara endless warbling sweet nothings to each other over the phone.

In any case, the chief of the main characters on the screen are breathtaking exhibitions Pandiraj Idhau Namma Aalu worth a look.

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