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A Story Behind New Born 29th State Telangana on TS Formation day june 2

A Story Behind New Born 29th State Telangana on TS Formation day june 2

A Story Behind New Born 29th State Telangana on TS Formation day june 2. telangana new born state to celebrate birth day. telangana formation day on june 2. it is the second birth day to telangana as well as to Telangana CM KCR to celebrate 2nd birth day in ts state.
A Story Behind New Born 29th State Telangana on TS Formation day june 2
A Story Behind New Born 29th State Telangana on TS Formation day june 2

Telangana put two on June 2, and the government is capable of transporting all the stops to make it vital. The Telangana Formation Day also gives us a chance to ask revisit some of the key moments that making the 29th state of India.

The seeds of Telangana battle were sown in 1955 when keeping the States Reorganisation Commission proposal to Hyderabad and other state went unnoticed. Telangana pioneers debt of the general population of Andhra "colonization of the neighborhood" by getting their jobs and land, and the legislature is not putting resources into the base of the local programs. On November 1, 1956, 

Telangana Formation day on june 2nd

Formation of telangana state on june 2
Telangana State Formation day june 2nd. TS Birth day. @2 years completed for telangana new born state
Telangana State Formation day june 2nd. TS Birth day. @2 years completed for telangana new born state

Telangana state or Hyderabad state to combine with Andhra state

Telangana converged with the state of Andhra, cut past Madras, in Andhra Pradesh, framing a mounted state for Telugu-talking masses.

Initially the Telangana and Andhra merger states called as TELUGU NAADU later with the effect of andhra domination as stated at that time only and changed the state name to ANDHRA PRADESH

The state saw a brutal 'separate Telangana' fomentation in 1969 and a 'different Andhra' disruption in 1972. The 1969 blend was actually begun by social gatherings, undergraduate studies and government representatives. Taking after the pads, a six-point recipe was advanced by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi for "accelerated improvement of the reverse zones and special treatment to the nearby applicants vocation."

Telangana State took an additional step in 1997

Telangana State Formation day june 2nd. TS Birth day. @ years completed for telangana new born state
Telangana State Formation day june 2nd. TS Birth day. @ years completed for telangana new born state

From that moment, the Telangana development took a political turn. In 1997, the BJP strengthened interest in Telangana State and in the following year, a race, collecting guaranteed saw "a voice two states.

 However, the push increased in 2001, when K. Chandrasekara Rao of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi slipped (TRS) in Telangana development CPR. Numerous trusted the formation of Chhattisgarh was, Jharkhand and Uttaranchal (now Uttarakhand) provides that interest Telangana stung. After three years, the TRS fought races in cooperation with the Congress and won five Lok Sabha and 26 Assembly sitting.

Karimnagar - the hotbed of development

A Story Behind New Born 29th State Telangana on TS Formation day june 2
Amid the most important period of development in 1969, Karim Nagar rose center stage for the increase in interference. While fighting for the decisions 2004, Congress President Sonia Gandhi also stated that they would consider the conclusions of the Telangana individuals in Karimnagar town by aiming at an open meeting. Mr. Rao had challenged in 2004 as MP of voters Karimnagar Parliament.

In 2006 and 2008 decisions and he won from the same voters. All by-race in the region, people voted TRS applicants.

Karimnagar was the host for the increase Telangana statehood development in 2009, when the TRS was elected president for a quick shipment to-ruin, inviting the Telangana state. It was the same city where the police had caught KCR, who was on his way to send his quickly-destruction in Siddipet town.

The development was spread had submitted himself to the reason for Telangana as a fierce fire after his capture in Karimnagar and a few youth.

Taking after continuing his fast on-demise while in a clinic, the Government of the Union was the formation of isolated Telangana state on December 9, 2009. In any case stated, the legislature had pulled back again on the issue December 23, 2009.

Around 17 master Telangana understudies had a quick to-ruin in the foreground in the Osmania University grounds propelled after the center returned to the statehood issue.

Sri Krishna Committee report on Telangana State

On February 3, 2010, a board of directors headed by Justice (retd.) B. N. Srikrishna was framed to "realize a perpetual arrangement" to the sovereignty request. The board met 30 times, went into 23 regions and 35 cities and kept in touch with about 100 associations.

The report of the Committee for consultations on the situation in Andhra Pradesh was sacked by the then Union Minister for Home Affairs P. Chidambaram, to agents of the political meetings of the state on January 6, 2010. 

It said: "The unified Andhra alternative it is recommended to continue with the progress energy of the three locations and remembering the national position. with firm political and administrative management it could conceivably transmit conviction to the general population that would be this alternative to be the biggest benefit of all and would give satisfaction to the most extreme number of individuals in the state. "

Cabinet approves bifurcation

In December 2013, the Union government confirmed a bill for formation of Telangana State with 10 local, making ready for the division of Andhra Pradesh. The government had extended approved a large part of the proposals of the group of ministers formed to deal with the argumentative issues.

The Cabinet approval came after the Congress Core Group chose to stick to the choice of the Congress Working Committee on Telangana with 10 points. Then Osmania University in Hyderabad was gradually into the operational hub of the Telangana disturbance. Understudy activists continued their uproar next political pioneers in the fight.

Passage of the A.P. Reorganisation Bill:

A Story Behind New Born 29th State Telangana on TS Formation day june 2:

- The A.P. Redevelopment Bill was passed in 2014, the drilling of the required time spent bifucation details. Some of the highlights of the bill were:

- The bill barrel Hyderabad as capital base. The Andhra Pradesh Governor can not prevent the governor both successor States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

- The regular capital includes the current territory told a bigger Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Focus should master board frame to recommend another capital of Andhra Pradesh within 45 days.

- The Centre will set up an apex committee for the supervision of Krishna and Godavari streams on the sharing of water.

- 25 Lok Sabha seats to be allocated residuary Andhra Pradesh 17 Lok Sabha seats and Telangana.

- Residuary Andhra Pradesh is 175 Legislative Assembly seats and Telangana get 119.

- Existing confirmation amounts in all legislative or private, aided or unaided organizations of higher, specialized and remedial training was going to have to work a long time in the midst of those fundamental confirmation process.

- The Polavaram Irrigation Project will be announced as a national task and the Center will take under its control the direction and progress and the Tungabhadra Board will keep on monitoring the arrival of water to abnormal state waterway, low-level channel Rajolibanda preoccupation plan.

- The High Court in Hyderabad will be basic for both States to another High Court is set for residuary Andhra Pradesh.

- Do you have a question related to money-related assets and liabilities should be settled through shared axes tion come up short, at the request of the Centre on the leadership of the President of the Court.

- All homes arranged outside the existing Andhra Pradesh will be allocated between the successor States on the basis of the population ratio.

- Greyhound octopus and strengths of the present Andhra Pradesh will be allocated next to the search for feelings of the population and each of these powers.

- The grant that the thirteenth Finance Commission will be assigned to the current state of Andhra Pradesh between the successor States by the Centre on the basis of the population and the various parameters.

When years of struggle came to fruition
Telangana new born 29th state in india
Telangana has formed as 29th state in india.

The last major races to the seats Assembly and Lok Sabha were held in Joined Andhra Pradesh were selected in two phases on April 30 and May 7, which would be taken to control the vote in favor of both phases of the decision of the procedure May 16 and will end May 28. was informed that the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh remaining would happen from 2nd June.

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The main engineer of the various Telangana fomentation, K. Chandrasekhar Rao, confirmed Chief Minister of Telangana. Mr. Rao K. Taraka Rama Rao child and nephew T Harish Rao, which dynamically participated in the fomentation, were among the 11 Cabinet ministers sworn in at a simple service, interrupted trademarks of 'Jai Telangana'. Representative E.S.L. Narasimhan checked the oath of office.

Telangana state formation day 2016 on june 2nd through out the Telangana. TS birth day will be celebrated by all the 10 districts in Telangana. All the Districts in Telangana was very well decorated particularly hyd.

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