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Facebook Warning to App Users to Download " MOMENTS APP" Photo Sharing app

FACEBOOK Will delete all the photo memories from the users soon

Facebook Warning to App Users to Download " MOMENTS APP" Photo Sharing app
Facebook Warning to App Users to Download " MOMENTS APP" Photo Sharing app

Facebook will remove all photos users have dubbed the main Facebook app if they do not install the special photo-sharing app Moments before July 7th.

It began reporting social network users that it would soon remove all their synced photos as they are not app, which was released in June 2015 installed.

Facebook warns users to Download Moments App

Many users used to synchronize the photo feature, which was introduced in 2012 and promised unlimited automatic photo uploads from users' smartphones in a private album on the social network as a way to back up their photo collection in much the same way pictures Google, Yahoo's Flickr and Apple's iCloud Photos are doing now.

In January, Facebook longer supports automatic synchronization of photos, the main Facebook app, allowing users to install Moments app if they continue automatically upload wish their photos. Now Facebook will remove all their synced photos, unless users install the app Moments.

Facebook said: "Pictures of you privately synced from your phone to Facebook will soon be removed. Earlier this year, they were transferred to an exciting new app from Facebook. If you want to make these pictures, download and join-up July 7. If you do not want moments, download these images directly to your computer from your Facebook profile until 7 July. "

Before 7th july Moments app is to be install 

The photographs synchronized removal will not affect any photos or videos shared on Facebook separate from synced album, and users are able to download pictures before they deleted.

Move should not be surprising; Facebook has recently been very similar thing with your Messenger app. Removing chat from the main Facebook app and forcing users to install a special program Messenger to keep sending Facebook messages smartphones powered by the program to more than 900 million users.

Facebook will delete all the Pictures Soon

In doing so, it created another huge platform, leveraging their existing user base to drive the adoption and attract new customers who may not necessarily have the Facebook account.

When switching the picture synchronizing from the main Facebook app, and now threatens to erase sync photos, it made-up of 100 of the best free Android and iOS apps, the United Kingdom, and made it the third most popular free app for iOS and the second most popular " Play United States, as well as topping photo and video apps charts.

Facebook did not respond to the any comments.

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