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Box Office Report: Sardaarji 2 BO 10 Days Collections Records

Sardaarji2 Box Office Collection: 8 and 9 days Total Collection - Sardarji 2

Punjabi film Sardaarji second film accumulation, Sardaarji2 all out to gather 8 and 9 days, Sardarji2 accumulation until today, Sardaarji 2 income and benefit - Diljit Dosanjh: Sardaarji 2, the latest Polly Wood film throughout the film to beat records in the world.

Diljit which large sum has its own specific rank and today earned abroad, such as the United States and Canada. Check the overall film industry accumulations caused by the film 8 and 9 days below and feel free to comment your prospects about the film in the box note at the end.

Sardaarji 2 Box Office BO 10 days Collection - eighth and ninth day

Box Office Report Sardaarji 2 BO 10 Days Collections Records
Box Office Report Sardaarji 2 BO 10 Days Collections Records

Bollywood Movie : Sardaarji Day 1 Box Office Collection: Rs 3.75 Crores, Sardaarji 2nd Day Box Office Collection: Rs 3.60 Crores, Sardaarji Day 3 Box Office Collection: Rs crores 4:20 4 Sardaarji Day Box Office Collection: Rs 2.2 Crores, Sardaarji Day 5 Box Office Collection: Rs 1.85 crores, Sardaarji 6 Day Box Office Collection: Rs 1.5 crores Sardaarji 2 Total 5 Days Collection: Rs 15.6 crores, Sardaarji Total 7 Days Collection: Rs 17 crores: 25. eighth and ninth day of the film accumulations of particular importance for the film to have a large number.

Motion picture rivaled other Bollywood films in Punjab local and abroad and make great film accumulations anywhere in the world. Check the crowd reaction in the following segment and share your perspectives on Sardaarji2

Sardaarji2 total collection to date - 9 Days - Public comments

Bollywood movie Sardaarji 2 : it was a superhit film Diljit shook it is fully loaded with satire, but the story is not interesting, but rather on the off chance that you want to go for drama then you should look at Sardaar Ji 2.
The video was full of interest in order first half and the second half was tiring. Sardaar ji first part was greatly improved .. General film deemed.

Diljit was great in this movie. Discourse transport is beautiful and bumps still not quite the same as the previous films, new punches with cute hunk and Diljit. In simple words, watching a lot of film.

Kushi kushi

Kushi kushi

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