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Review Rating: [Rojulu Marayi 2016 telugu movie review rating] good lesson to youth

Review : Rojulu Marayi 2016 telugu movie

The film is a message of arranged that defines the nature of youth younger who can tumble to a degree to do everything they need. The head portrays the lives of two young girls who maintain a track two affection, that they really cherish it and make use of their needs. In all cases, young men who cherish deeply the girls are choosing to show them a lesson. Everything that happens in the middle of the story is.

Review : Rojulu marayi movie

Review Rating: [Rojulu Marayi 2016 telugu movie review rating] good lesson to youth
Review Rating: [Rojulu Marayi 2016 telugu movie review rating] good lesson to youth

The film is entertaining and the message is contemporary. Must look particularly by the young.

Rojulu Marayi story:

The story is about the provision of girls that changed at the present time and the extent to which they can go.

Random we exhibit widely, the two couples hitched in amazing circumstances in the provision of cunning and girls waiting for a St. Baba. The tour then comes when the expectation of Baba does not become perhaps the most important factor and girls take a choice but to completely change the destiny of young men.

Knowing the cunning plot of girls, young men hold hands with the support of character and teach a lesson to young girls. After the girls understand their blunders they make a wonderful choice to be spoiled by young men and they discover the reality. The film ends on a happy note.

Rojulu Marayi movie positives:


Rojulu Marayi Negatives :

Slight drag
Repeated scenes

Cast performance : Rojulu Marayi movie

The saint fundamental reiterated that Ashwad lead in the film should in no way take a photo to his demeanors and acting skills. Girls benefited from occupation and Nukaraju put forth a solid effort and the timing of satire is really commendable.

Review Rating Rojulu Marayi telugu movie specialized aspects:

The camera work is tolerable and the change is great. Head depicts thrillingly motion picture. The music is good. The exchanges are cool and the track of satire shot damn well.

Rojulu Marayi movie Website analysis:

The film is a decent little diversion and pleasure. The message of the motion picture is also great that defines how the youth of the era has changed in terms of worship and duties.

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