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Telugu movie: Gopichand Three Movies with Flop Directors

Gopichand With Three Flop Directors! 

Gopichand is a marker spree. He is now working on a film Oxygen is coordinated by Jyothi Krishna. Macho saint will soon hold hands with chief Sriwass for another movie that will hit the floor after the arrival of his ongoing enterprise Oxygen.

Gopichand Sampath Nandi new Telugu movie

Telugu movie Gopichand Three Movies with Flop Directors
Telugu movie Gopichand Three Movies with Flop Directors

At present, Gopichand agreed to make a film with massive executive Sampath Nandi whose last film was a normal Bengal tiger coarser. Star maker J Pulla Rao will be the task bankroll.

Sampath Nandi is necessary to make a transfer film with uber power star Ram Charan with whom he has a better than average hit Racha. Despite the fact that Charan is excited about working with Sampath described him a fascinating story line, he advised to sit the executive tight for a while, until packing effectively dedicated companies. Along those lines, has Sampath closer Gopichand up with a fresh and massive subject.

Then again, Gopichand experiencing slope stage. last two films of the Loukyam star Jil and Soukyam were commercial disappointments. Official statement about Gopichand and Sampath Nandi film is normal after Ramzan eve.

Then Gopichand's progressing enterprise Oxygen nearing completion and the film is scheduled for discharge soon.

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