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About us

First of all, on behalf of core team , I'll do all the special " About " page on our website . This page is sure to provide you with an overview of our entire site is our passion , our core team and many other things . To get to know more you should just keep reading . a startup led by some awesome young editors who are really passionate about the direction of the daily information in an interesting style web community all over the world . provides the latest breaking news , current affairs from all fields , such as sports, technology , business , recruitment, widgets, careers , politics , Auto, economic , social media, and many others. only focused on providing the best quality and most accurate news for all of your beloved readers. It was founded in May 2014 by professional editors and an active member of the crew , I can assure you that our main objective is to culture what exactly " Yuva " mind wants to explore the modern times.

This is more of a niche website and we will try our level best to provide the most trending topics in all major categories, such as sports, Current News, Health tips, politics, technology, gadgets, etc., we are here to provide information to young people in India (and the world ) searches. is and will be your One Stop Solution for all daily needs, certainly.

Here we not only publish news, go deep into it to find out the most accurate information about the stories that circulate. We are committed to our work and we only offer non-biased reviews or presentation of this site. Our main goal is to earn the trust of Yuva group and think about life.

We offer all of the latest news online breaking news, press the large companies, important announcements and many such important things here and all this news is readily available 24 * 7 to our readers. Our content is unique, our data is correct, and our mission is sacred. Please bookmark our website to your browser for instant access, and join us in the various social media sites.

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